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Sr. No. Name of authors (With name of the concerned faculty being bold  & underlined Title  of Paper Name of Journal year of publication, volume and page numbers Type of article /Paper *
1 Harjit Kaur, Promila Mehta, and Manmohan Singh Effect of patients education on risk factors modification and secondary prevention of Coronary artery Disease National symposium on Biological anthropology -recent perspectives Health related
2 Harjit Kaur Uppal Effect of steam Inhalation on patients with upper abdominal surgery National symposium on advanced in industrial Bio technology Health related
3 Harjit Kaur Uppal A Study on knowledge of cardiac patients regarding risk factors leading to coronary artery disease 91 ST Session of Indian science congress association Health related
4 Mr.M.Rajesh Suicide prevention among adolescents ................ Health related
Welcome to Adesh University, Bathinda
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